Terms and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions & Terms

OnSight Optometry brings eye care convenience directly to you. Here's some information to help you get started:

**Where do you conduct eye exams?** We bring the eye exam to you! We can visit your home, office, or even your child's school for convenient and comfortable eye care.

**What services do you offer?** We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

* Comprehensive eye exams
* Intraocular pressure checks (for glaucoma)
* Dilated eye exams for detailed retina assessments
* Retinal photography to capture images of your retina for monitoring
* Glasses and contact lens prescriptions

**Can I order glasses and contact lenses through you?** Absolutely! We have a curated selection of stylish frames, and offer a wide variety of lenses to suit your needs, including progressive lenses, Transitions lenses, polarized sunglasses, anti-glare options, and more. We also carry popular contact lens brands like Acuvue and Cooper Vision.

**How long does it take to get my glasses?** We aim to deliver your new glasses within 3 weeks of your eye exam. This allows time for the lenses to be made, the glasses to be assembled, and for delivery right to your doorstep.

**Do you sell eye care products?** We stock a range of eye care essentials like eye drops, eye vitamins, and accessories for glasses, such as frame chains and dry eye products like warming eye masks.

**Can I cancel my appointment?** You can easily cancel, reschedule, or book appointments through your secure patient portal. We kindly request a $50 deposit to secure your appointment and minimize no-shows. The deposit will be applied to your final payment. No cancellation fee will be applied if you provide 24-hour notice.